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Ladies Purse Radha-Krishna
Dhoti, Rasgulla Jute -- No Borders
Prabhupada Music USB Stick
Wall Hanging -- Lord Shiva
Marble Radha Krishna Deities (11")
Yogi Pants Saffron Cotton

Customer Testimonials

Jagannatha, Balarama, and Subhadra Deities- 6" Size

By Laura Witt

Hare Krsna! Their Lordships Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra arrived safely, in a timely fashion, a ...

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First Class Service & Goods

By Chris Fellingham

Haribol prabhu Many thanks for your help in ordering Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai. My partner has made deity ...

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Very happy with my order

By Kristo

I am very happy with the order and the products received. I use the album by George Harrison regular ...

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spiritual music to adore the Supreme Lord

By Marie Christine Philippi

Since I received the Maha Mantra sung by Swami Prabhupada, I cannot stop listening to it over and ov ...

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Amazing all the way around

By Sage Olson

Every time I get a package from Krishnastore I get so excited, because I have come to understand the ...

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Krishna Store Items Help in Spiritual Advancement

By Nirja Edla

Krishna store items I bought helped me lot in devotional advancement

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By Sergio

A very important service to spread Krishna consciousness worldwide. Thank you so much, as always. ...

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Excellent service and great texts

By Shiva Nataraj

Great selection of books and service. Help spread our dharma. Thank you

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Very pleased...

By Tess Walker

When I ordered a Kurta (Cotton Khadi Color Pattern) from the Krishna Store, I was delighted to recei ...

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It's a Wonderful: Little Krishna Animated TV Series

By Ivan Illanes Mendoza

I'm buy Little Krishna Animated TV Series and Dashavatar. I can tell are two wonderful animated stor ...

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By Brian Conway

Dandavats to all at krishna store, I have nothing but respect from the service and quality of produc ...

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Beautiful tone

By Dhara Carter

Hare Krishna! It's tricky buying Kartals on line. Often, one bell is not in tune with the other, a ...

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Caitanya Caritamrita ki jaya!!

By Nitai Das

Hare Krishna, PAMHO, All Glories To Srila Pabhupada! The unadulterated reprint of the original C ...

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Srimad Bhagavatam delivery

By Pradyumna Das

The delivery man presented me with a box with Srila Prabhupadas name on and I immediately started to ...

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By Rosa Maria Gonzalez-Castro

Perfect, thankyou very much

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