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Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 9")
Jagannatha Iron-On Patch
Peacock Fan for Deity Worship
Quilt for Double Bed
Kurta -- Jute, Cream
Laddu Gopal Brass Deity 10"
Pandavas: The Five Warriors DVD
Banjara Bag in Rajasthani Style
Women's Yogi Pants
Boys Kurta -- Jute, White

Customer Testimonials

Always nice to support sadhana from Krishnastore

By Chris Colm

Very good products delivered to my door from the Holy Dhama of Vrindavan, like a gift from God.

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Good Product and service, thank you.

By Ramu Busetty

Hare Krishna, Nice products Prabhu ji, I had purchased dhotis. The quality is good. Support is very ...

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pleased customer

By Arline Ganzler

I bought several pairs of pants and a few tops and am pleased with them all. They are comfortable an ...

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Thank you so much!

By Elena McNulty

Hare Krishna! Thank you for your outstanding service. I ordered Radha Krishna Deities and insense. ...

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Correct delivery

By Iris Goosen

Haribol! Accessible website, good shop, all links are active, inexpensive shipment India/Europe, co ...

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By Vinay

great... everything was sent nicely and prices were nice as well... no complaints. haribol radhe shy ...

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Dhoti purchase

By Dean Cary

I ordered two pairs of dhoti from Krishna Store. THey arrived within the stated timeframe and in fac ...

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Love it!

By Norman Bolter

Love the books I ordered which are the entire 30 volumes of the Srimad Bhagavatam. The books themsel ...

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Amazing all the way around

By Sage Olson

Every time I get a package from Krishnastore I get so excited, because I have come to understand the ...

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Excellent children's books

By Ani King

Ordered few children's books and arrived as scheduled and well packed. Would definitely order pro ...

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Wonderful service

By Pankaj Mane

That was really nice experience. It’s the first time ever I ordered kurtas from Krishna store to ...

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Delightful Kurtas

By Alessandra Grazioli

We cannot thank you enough for the marvelous kurtas we have just received from Vrindavan. Quality ...

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Very realistically looking

By Nitay

Prabhupada deity is very real and designed very intricately! His eye brows, facial expression, eye, ...

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Important source for fulfillment

By Harry Plourde

Up most Rewards satisfying out come with good results and allways look forward to receiving

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By Alina Green

Radhe, Radhe! This purchase of a pair of shoes (size:large), was for our Chota Gaura Nitai Deities a ...

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