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Does Ford Have a Better Idea DVD

Hare Krishna Temples Worldwide

"Temple of Understanding" documents the opening of the huge Hare Krishna temple in Durban, South Africa. Also includes "Does Ford Have a Better Idea" where Alfred Ford and Elizabeth Reuther at the opening of the Fisher Mansion Hare Krishna temple in Detroit. "Deep in the Heart of Texas" shows us the Dallas, Texas Hare Krishna Temple.
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Format: DVD

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Does Ford Have a Better Idea DVD

Alfred Ford and Elizabeth Reuther take you through the beautiful Fisher Mansion, a cultural center influenced by the art, architecture, and philosophy of ancient India. Plus Temple of Understanding, Deep in the Heart of Texas and Food for Life

  • TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING marvels at the development of an extraordinary multi-racial temple in South Africa.
  • DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS visits the Texas temple and their 5-star restaurant, Kalachandji's.
  • Prahlada and the Krishna Kids sing in GOOD NEWS DOWN UNDER, where devotees open "Gopals Burgers", and Alfred Ford marries Vedic-style.
  • FOOD FOR LIFE A world-wide overview of the Hare Krishna Food For Life program.

    Color 116 minutes.

  • Price:  $9.95  $7.95 
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