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Hare Krishna in the 90s DVD

Hare Krishna movement seen through the lenses of the world media in the 90s. Many great television productions on the Hare Krishna movement including: Road to Hare Krishna, Hare Krishnas: Hiders or Seekers?, Bullock Man and more...
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Format: DVD

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Hare Krishna in the 90s DVD

  • BBC: Road to Hare Krishna & CH4: Quarrels Beatle George Harrison donated Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1971 but in the 90s there was a prolonged effort by certain local residents to limit access to the "Hindu Shrine." These BBC & CH4 documentaries expose the conflicts and issues, and include coverage of the massive protest march on parliment. Because of the chivalrous fighting by Hare Krishna devotees to find a solution to keep Bhaktivedanta Monor open for public worship, finally, in May of 1996, the Minister of the Environment granted permission to build an alternative access road to the Manor, and the British government declared that it shall never again put a ban on public worship on any Hare Krishna temple, ever.
  • Hare Krishnas: Hiders or Seekers? Aspiring initiate Bhaktin Kim is profiled in an Australian TV documentary's in-depth look at the inner mind of a person on the verge of life-long spiritual commitment. Includes Kim's journey to Vrindavana in pursuit of her guru.
  • Would you believe, Hare Krishna An Irish wedding with a twist! Irish television features a Hare Krishna wedding in a traditional Irish church. East meets West in its most intimate rituals.
  • Bullock Man Olivia Newton John hosts the "Wildlife" series episode which captures the beasts of burden, the oxen at the Hare Krishna farm in Murwillumbah, New South Wales. Lagudi dasa, the devotee "bullock man" is a former race horse trainer whose fame is well-known throughout the country.
  • Dominica Magazine Peruvian television visits the Hare Krishna Vedic temple in Lima and is surprised to find an authentic recreation of Vedic India in its city. The weekly program finds a flourishing community of devotional businesses, schools, festivals, and first-class Deity worship residing peacefully amongst its ancient Mayan, Aztec and Spanish cultures.
  • Price:  $9.95  $7.95 
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