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Perspectives -- Krishna Interfaith Encounters

Hare Krishna Interfaith Television

An amazing collection of five television programs from the 1980s where Hare Krishna devotees are invited to discuss their faith with representatives of the Christian and Jewish religions. Shows are: Challenge my Sermon, Perspectives, Houston Live, Professor O'Connell and Religion of Smiles.

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Format: DVD

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Perspectives -- Krishna Interfaith Encounters

Five shows: "Challenge my Sermon" was the Hare Krishna's first ever invitation to an interfaith television show. Umapati Prabhu talks to pleasantly surprised representatives of the christian and Jewish faiths. Color, 30 min.
"Perspectives" - Rupanuga Prabhu addresses a panel of Christians. His warm and convincing manner is guaranteed to evoke respect. Great for learning how to share your beliefs with other faiths. Color, 30 min.
"Houston Live" - Tamal Krishna Goswami responds to a volley of questions from representatives of the major Judaic / Christian faiths of Texas. An initially hostile audience of clergymen find themselves liking Krishna Consciousness despite their preconceptions. Color, 31 min.
"Professor O'Connell offers a resounding, well presented endorsement of Krishna Consciousness in interview format. Suitable for university and scholarly audiences. Color, 24 min.
"Religion of Smiles" is a newsreel style portrait of devotees in France. French with English Subtitles. B/W, 4 min.

Format: DVD
Details: DVD, 118 min.
Publisher: ITV Productions Ltd
Pub. Date: 2003

Price:  $9.95  $7.95 
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