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Ritvik Debate (1990's) ISKCON 2 DVD Set

The Guru in ISKCON -- What does Prabhupada want?

This video was taken at the historic official ISKCON debate on the ritvik philosophy, the idea that Srila Prabhupada established a system in ISKCON which would enable him to continue to accept disciples, even after he was no longer physically present. It is quite amazing as it is attended by practically all the ISKCON leaders in North America.

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Ritvik Debate (1990's) ISKCON 2 DVD Set

The presentation given by the devotees from the then "Vedic Village Review," a monthly magazine that became the venue for much discussion on Srila Prabhupada's ritvik instructions for ISKCON, was very well received. So much so that a vote taken at the end of the debate by all the devotees present almost unanimously agreed that the evidence presented in this debate by Rupa Vilas Prabhu, Karanamrta Prabhu, Yasoda Nandana Prabhu, and others, was substantial, and that this matter should be taken up very seriously for further consideration in ISKCON.

Since this debate there has not been any serious discussion of Srila Prabhuapda's clear instructions in regard to how disciples would be initiated in ISKCON after he was no longer physically present.

So this 2 DVD set is the first time the ISKCON Ritvik Debate DVD has every been officially released.


Price:  $19.95  $9.95 
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