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ISKCON Video Collection USB Stick
Radha Krishna in Chakra Stand
Women's Pashmina Wool Shawl
Kamadhenu Cow with Calf
Colored Silk Japa Bead Bag
Opium Incense -- (200 gram pack)
Brass Surya Sun God Deity (8")
Printed Bagal Bandi (Pure Cotton)
Hindi Dictionary -- Teach Yourself

Customer Testimonials

Krishna Store is the best

By Jordan Collin

Everything is very reasonably priced and decent quality. There is a great range and postage is cheap ...

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By Katherina Filice

I ordered the entire set of the Bhagvatams for my husband's birthday. We were excited to receive the ...

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Nice clothes

By Urvashi Pote

I am glad I found this best site, the clothes which I could not get in many stores after searching. ...

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Timely shipment, good packaging, excellent quality

By Rebecca Gardner

To my surprise, I received it before the noted expected time. It was in good packaging, and I found ...

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Great quality!

By Rasa Manjari Devi Dasi

I ordered 2x 1 colour and received 2 different patterns in the same colour. This was perfect for mak ...

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Good quality products, affordable, timely delivery and well pack

By Vaishnavi Zade

Everything was up to mark at cheap rates and loved all of them.. thankyou so much:)

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High Quality Insence - Vrindavana Flower.

By Andrew Casserly

Very high quality insence which are all hand made in Vrindavana, India. The package shipped from Ind ...

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Authentic items straight from Vrindavan!

By Casey

My package arrived in the mail rather quickly and direct from Vrindavan, India. When I opened the pa ...

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Super excellent Teachings of Lord Caitanya edition


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the super excellent beautiful edition of Teachings of Lord ...

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Transcendental online bliss

By Steven Creaney

I want to express my overwhelming satisfaction & enjoyment to my peripheral nervous system, when I ...

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Tilak mrdanga

By Mark Brooks

Hare Krishna And Dandavats To all the vaisnava devotees . Many thanks to the Krishna store au ...

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Sharing Krishna Conciousness with friends

By Mitch Fadel

I find the Krishna book store a treasure chest of ancient wisdom in which gives me an affordable res ...

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Very beautiful

By Hayati Shah

My daughter is very happy with the little krishna and radha and all other soft dolls.. Thank u so mu ...

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Awesome service

By Pramod

I purchased Prabhupada and Krishna pictures and Japa Bags. The service was good, reached on time and ...

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Beautiful t-shirt... Beautiful fit.

By Canaan Albright

Nice all-over printing on a t-shirt with nice attention to fit.

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